Precision PWS 8-M Manual Water Distiller Includes the storage tank

Percison Water Distiller PWS-8M
Percison Water Distiller PWS-8M

Precision PWS 8-M Manual Water Distiller Includes the storage tank


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Precision PWS 8-M Manual Water Distiller

The Precision PWS 8-M Manual Counter Top Water Distiller is easy for your family to use. First of all it provides safe, pure water at home for a lower cost than bottled water. Furthermore, we know you have a busy lifestyle. That’s why our distillers are hands off and are fully automatic to operate. Moreover, we want our distillers to give you the secure feeling that 3 gallons of the purest drinking water are at your fingertips, thanks to its high capacity holding tank. There is no extra work, and no inconvenient bottles!

Distiller Features

  • High quality, built to last stainless steel distiller
  • Easy to clean
  • Mirror finish stainless steel
  • User-friendly design
  • Easily changeable, long-lasting charcoal filter
  • Drains impurities
  • Auto shut off and auto distill


Over 25 years of experience resulted in the Precision PWS 8-M water distiller. Therefore, it’s features and benefits provide the very best water system to meet steam distilled drinking water requirements. Our distillers duplicate nature’s own method of purifying water. This highly reliable process for purifying water combines distillation with a high capacity activated carbon filter. As a result you get clean, great tasting water. Click here to learn more about the benefits of water distillation in your home.

Health Benefits of Water Distillers

Water distillers can give you great tasting water to drink, but above all it is good for your health. At Purater, we believe that if you are drinking anything less than purified distilled water, everything in your body is affected. Consequently, you risk aging faster, and living with more pain. Distilled water can prevent your family from drinking chemicals, protect their teeth, and improve bodily functions. You want your muscles, vital organs and cells to be absorbing as much pure water as possible. This is possible if you use Purator water distillers. Click here to read more about our mission for your health.

Water Distillation

1. Tap water is poured into the top of the distiller and filled to the water level pin.

2. The heating element heats the water and brings it to a boil.

3. As the steam leaves the boiler, it is channeled through a full length baffle system. It then goes past a gas release vent and enters the cooling coil to be cooled into pure steam distilled water.

4. As the water exits the cooling coil, it goes through a post carbon filter and into your storage container or optional storage tank.

5. When finished the unit turns itself off automatically.


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